Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

Tenterhooks I could tell when they asked me to sit down that this wasn’t going to be good. We stay in a strange stand off, not saying anything, while I imagined the worse. Each scenario was worse than the last. Each worthy of tears. Still, they said nothing. It wasn’t my place to start the […]

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Daily Prompt: Age

Age It’s not just a number, not at all. I had no way of knowing that making the promises was the unwise part. They were normal promises made to a normal person. I thought they were normal, because I was young and foolish. I was wise in some ways, yes. But I was very much […]

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Fiction Friday: Jellyfish Teaser

Hey readers! As I previously announced, I am publishing a novella, Jellyfish. What’s it about? Well, it’s 20,000 words, so you’ll just have to fork over a few of your hard-earned dollars to read it when it’s released so that you can find out. The current release date is January 1, 2018, and there will be […]

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Daily Prompt: Sparkle

Sparkle Sometimes, things do things they shouldn’t. Snow, at the right temperature, in the right sunlight, looks like glitter. He’s not a mischievous little boy. He is sweet, and always laughing. He is well behaved. In person, you note that he gives warm hugs with his stocky little arms. If vampires disappear in photos, this […]

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Vices Episode 1: Wrath

I know what I do when I want to love you. I know how to send you sweet nothings and paint pictures of imagination and wordy impressions of physical joy. I know how to look at the numbers remaining with a fretful wistfulness. I know how to weave this into the tapestry of our fate […]

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Daily Prompt: Zoo

Zoo “The thing is, and I do promise this, we weren’t drunk. If we had been drunk, we would have been a hell of a lot more agreeable about the whole thing. Or, I would have been. It made sense, in theory. ‘Adults night out at the zoo!!!!’. I thought, great! I can look at animals […]

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Daily Prompt: Snippet

Snippet M: There’s, oh, goddamn it, what’s the word? D: What’s the word for what? M: You know, that word! For this crap all over the floor. D: What’s all over the floor, dear? M: Just get your lazy ass up off of the couch and come see what’s all over the floor! D: But […]

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Daily Prompt: One-Way

One-Way I never talk about where I grew up, or how I grew up, here. I never talk about me, not in the straight forward, genuine way I do verbally, to people who are surprised that I don’t have much of a filter, or sheepish awkward shame around the facts of my life. I grew up […]

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Daily Prompt: Knit

Knit As you may or may not know, WordPress publishes a one word prompt that bloggers can respond to. Since I have the time, I thought “Why not participate in this thing sometimes?”. I couldn’t come up with a reason not to, so here we are. Knit Melanie hated visiting. The hours dragged by so […]

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Fiction Friday: A D Story

Maybe I should consider putting some sort of rating system in place. Until then, the following story contains graphic violence/torture, and references to sexual violence. Please take care of yourselves first, and skip this story if it may be upsetting to you.   A D Story The Woman has her arms crossed and taps her […]

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