Fiction (Friday): My Friend Goo

The lights from the street below my new apartment filtered in through windows that still had no curtains- I had forgotten them on my trip to IKEA earlier that day. My cousins must have reminded me a dozen times, and yet I still forgot. Useless. I curled up on my small bed, childhood stuffed animal […]

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Fiction Friday: Kinetic

My contribution to Black History Month is late, but of course it had to be, because I had to live the whole month to know what I wanted to say. ***************** What is kinetic energy? I can see it, rippling through a form made of muscle, bone, fat, sinew, blood, water. A beautiful form of […]

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Fiction Friday: Pride

All I want is to know the girl who shivered when I kissed her scars, yet was still so eager to impress me. And she did. She so easily impressed someone who is not easily impressed. Someone who was secure enough to drink at a bar, alone, was brought to ashes and rubble with a […]

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Musings: WCW

“Oh. Your son looks more like you.” The speaker gets the unique opportunity to swallow her words in the face of being disproved as my mother and I react in the exact same manner- beautiful faces twisting into an expression of complete derision. The speaker falters and walks away. My mother and I rant about […]

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Fiction Friday: Direction

The needle in her compass spun around and around in her hand, the same way it had all night. She was trying to follow it somewhere, anywhere, but the more she asked for guidance, the more useless it seemed to become. It was the coldest day on record in years, almost a decade, in a […]

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Musings: Maidenhood

There was a library that existed underground. I remember climbing down flights of stairs, the sunlight from the upper levels being replaced by electric lights as I descended. There was an area adjacent to the structure that had been cleared so that sunlight could filter in through the East side. I miss that place. In […]

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Musings: Siblings

I have a few, but I know one. We grew together, regressed together, regretted together, grew together. In my mind, I remember his small face and smaller body, his perfect chocolate curls and bright cinnamon eyes. I remember all of the kindnesses, all of the ways he was so much like our mother. The beauty, […]

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Fiction Friday: Girl, Abbreviated

Girl, Abbreviated Word Count: 958 CW: N/A Related works: N/A   “Not everyone understands art. Not everyone needs to. But everyone foolishly thinks, if they just found the right words, they could. Just place the painting on a white wall in a large hall, and give them a pen and a pad.”  -Hester, Within the […]

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Fiction Friday: Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Mirror Word Count: 599 CW: Mild violence Related works: N/A   She damn near twisted her ankle walking up the wooden steps in high heels after a full bottle of wine (and carrying a few more bottles of not-wine), but she felt it was worth it when he opened the door. “Oh. Hey.” He […]

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