Fiction Friday: Fast Forward

Word Count: 1,413 CW: N/A Related works: Skip, Pause Trevor and Mary, 19 and 17, felt they were far too old to babysit their siblings. Yet, here they were at MSY, waiting to fly to their grandparents’ home in Florida for spring break. Of course the two older siblings also felt they had better things […]

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Fiction Friday: Orpheus

Word Count: 1,227 CW: Violent Imagery Related works: N/A I kiss my nephew goodnight, and gently remove my sister’s glasses from her sleeping face, setting them down on her nightstand. I slowly, carefully, close the front door before making my way to my usual nighttime walk route. It isn’t usual, not at all. I light […]

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Musings: Subversion

Word Count: 169 CW: N/A Related works: N/A Subversion, noun. The undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution. Trapped. Free? Chained? What is it? Why am I? So grotesque and malformed, face permanently twisted into a grimace from a perpetual, invisible pain. Immobile and illuminated, frozen for all to witness. […]

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Fiction Friday: Lust

Word Count: 266 CW: Substance use Related works: N/A “I NEED SOME WATER!” She yelled in his ear, flinching as he winced. “ARE YOU SURE?” He shouted back with equal force. For some reason, in the dark, red lit club, this made her laugh. She nodded in assurance, and leaned against the wall as he […]

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Fiction Friday: Big and Tiny

Word Count: 1,580 Content Warning: Violence/Abuse, Racial Slurs Related Works: N/A I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me, leaning against it as I slid to the floor. “I just want you to get the fuck out, don’t be a nigger about it!” I flinched in spite of myself at his words […]

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Fiction Friday: Bumps

Word Count: 1,841 CW: Substance use Related works: N/A I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing beneath my pillow, a sensation as though I had personally picked a plantation worth of cotton with my mouth, and the distinct feeling that I might never be happy again. I groaned and slid out of […]

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Fiction (Friday): My Friend Goo

Word Count: 697 CW: N/A Related works: N/A The lights from the street below my new apartment filtered in through windows that still had no curtains- I had forgotten them on my trip to IKEA earlier that day. My cousins must have reminded me a dozen times, and yet I still forgot. Useless. I curled […]

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Fiction Friday: Kinetic

My contribution to Black History Month is late, but of course it had to be, because I had to live the whole month to know what I wanted to say. ***************** Word Count: 252 CW: N/A Related works: N/A What is kinetic energy? I can see it, rippling through a form made of muscle, bone, […]

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Fiction Friday: Pride

Word Count: 187 CW: Self harm Related works: N/A   All I want is to know the girl who shivered when I kissed her scars, yet was still so eager to impress me. And she did. She so easily impressed someone who is not easily impressed. Someone who was secure enough to drink at a […]

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Fiction Friday: Direction

Word Count: 351 CW: Self harm Related works: N/A   The needle in her compass spun around and around in her hand, the same way it had all night. She was trying to follow it somewhere, anywhere, but the more she asked for guidance, the more useless it seemed to become. It was the coldest […]

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