Fiction Friday: Stranger

The Barn April Fool’s A Visit Evicted Stranger   Rain was dancing. She was always doing that now. She had taken to ballet a lot faster and better than Phil had thought she would. She was seven, and something about her had changed, lately. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but she wasn’t a […]

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Fiction Friday: A Visit

The Barn April Fool’s A Visit Evicted Stranger “Hey.” “Hey. Are you coming over tonight?” “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.” “It’s been three weeks, Orphan Annie. Come home.” Phil didn’t wait for Kennedy to respond before he hung up. He hadn’t wanted to make the call, but he was exhausted. For […]

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Fiction Friday: April Fools

Hey readers! Apologies for the late post. This month, we’ll be doing another story series. This one will deal with the characters we were introduced to in “Evicted“, but will jump around in order of when they occur, so each post will have a master list at the top so you know they order in […]

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Jellyfish Pre-order + Updates

Good day, fine readers! First off, my apologies for the radio silence on this blog. I may do some daily prompts here and there, but for he most part, I will be taking the rest of the year off. You can expect Fiction Friday and Musings posts to resume in the new year. Which brings […]

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Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

Tenterhooks I could tell when they asked me to sit down that this wasn’t going to be good. We stay in a strange stand off, not saying anything, while I imagined the worse. Each scenario was worse than the last. Each worthy of tears. Still, they said nothing. It wasn’t my place to start the […]

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Daily Prompt: Age

Age It’s not just a number, not at all. I had no way of knowing that making the promises was the unwise part. They were normal promises made to a normal person. I thought they were normal, because I was young and foolish. I was wise in some ways, yes. But I was very much […]

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