Music Monday: Breathe

Word Count: 207


Related works: N/A

Inspiration: Breathe – Télépopmusik

She sank lower and lower into her bathtub, barely keeping her mouth above water by puckering her lips. She floated in the dark, quiet room, so motionless that the water dared not to make a sound.

She breathed. In, and out. Her lungs filled with oxygen, and she pushed it back out.

She ran through the lobby of a crowded building, weaving between the other people. The books in her backpack bounced against her natural rhythm, slowing her down. As she pushed through the revolving door, she saw that her bus was only just boarding. She got in line, and caught her breath.

She breathed in, and out. Her nose filled with the sharp smell of chewing tobacco, and her throat tightened as she pushed it back out.

She smiled at someone who smiled back. She mirrored their movements, and she lost track of time. Her heart was beating when she followed them. Her heart was beating quickly, and their lips were moving softly.

She gasped, a quick inhale, out of pleasant surprise. She pushed her surprise halfway out, and it all came rushing back in.

She fell asleep, softly filling her lungs with contentment, and then pushing out gratitude through her nose, buried in their shoulder.

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