Musings: Subversion

Word Count: 169


Related works: N/A

Subversion, noun. The undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution.




What is it?

Why am I?

So grotesque and malformed, face permanently twisted into a grimace from a perpetual, invisible pain.

Immobile and illuminated, frozen for all to witness.

Freak show, come one come all, no charge for admission. Buy a drink and stay a while. Gaze in shock and awe. Take part in my misery, be relieved that you are not the cause, that such a thing could never happen to you. That you can never do such a thing to another.

And yet, the part you can’t see, my heart, is the very source of my prison.

You’ve never made a mistake with your heart, have you? Never been mocked for foolish affections? Never subjected yourself to less when you could have demanded more?

This could be you. Our eyes meet and you know this truth, so the funhouse isn’t fun anymore.

Today, I hurt. But tomorrow, you will.

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