Fiction Friday: Lust

“I NEED SOME WATER!” She yelled in his ear, flinching as he winced.

“ARE YOU SURE?” He shouted back with equal force. For some reason, in the dark, red lit club, this made her laugh. She nodded in assurance, and leaned against the wall as he made his way to the bar. He ran off to fulfill her request as she eyed the cage a few feet away. She saw people looking at her, but she didn’t pay them much attention.

Instead, she watched him, thought about him. She thought about conversations they had had, and kindnesses he had shown her. She thought about his level of femininity, how intuitive he was even when he was assertive about his desires.

He came back, offering her a bottle and his fingers. She licked powder from his painted fingertips and revelled in the bliss of it all. He allowed her to wash it down, then pulled her into an embrace that turned into a dance. She was beyond being self-conscious, or considering anything other than him as he pulled her into the cage and crucified himself.

She didn’t hesitate, for once, and people cheered as she danced near him, teased him, touched him underneath his thin shirt. He returned the gesture, nuzzling her neck.

Then, she felt a light on her face. It couldn’t have been a club light, for it was pure white. Heavenly.

She groaned and placed a hand on his chest, stepping backwards.

“Let’s get some air.”

He understood, and so did she. Newly absolved, she couldn’t sin so quickly.

She had to be sure.

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