Fiction Friday: Kinetic

My contribution to Black History Month is late, but of course it had to be, because I had to live the whole month to know what I wanted to say.


What is kinetic energy?

I can see it, rippling through a form made of muscle, bone, fat, sinew, blood, water. A beautiful form of a young man.

A man who has taken energy, consumed it, allows it to burn within himself, expends it.

It empowers him, it enables him to grow.

And yet, he gives it all back onstage. His eyes lock with those in the crowd as he gives them the very fibers of his being with each verse. I receive it humbly, as do the people around me.

We receive it, and it changes us, invigorates us.

It goes from my ears, through my mind and to my eyes,

Eyes that are wet with emotion but not unhappy,

Eyes on top of bodies that sway and bounce and cheer to the music,

Bodies that are lost in the experience and say,

Hey, this is our experience and it is bearable

This is our experience and we love it

This is our experience and we want to share it with you.

As misunderstood as this is, as we are, we just want you to understand

The way we were made to understand with English classes and classic literature

Please understand this beat and his words and the sweat pouring from his brow as he invites you into his soul.

Please understand our eyes as they light up from within, as we accept these pieces of him to inspire us,

to move us.

Are you moved? Or is it still



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