Fiction Friday: Child Gods

Child Gods

Word Count: 480


Related works: N/A


“I had a dream about you last night.”

When the listener cocked her head in curiosity, the speaker continued.

“I was a child, and so were you. Somehow, we were the same age.

I was walking along the sidewalk. The neighborhood was unfamiliar to me at the time, but of course I know it now.

I came across you, and your brother, on the sidewalk. You were skipping. Your hair was pulled back, but loose, and you were watching your shadow’s ponytail swing back and forth. You were amused by this, and so happy. You grinned a big grin that revealed two front teeth that were too big for your face.

You noticed me and smiled shyly. I smiled back, but I felt shy too. You asked if I would like to play with you on the small patch of green in front of your house. I said yes, so we did. You grabbed my hands and we spun in circles until we fell giggling on the soft grass. We did this again and again until we tired ourselves out. Then, we just laid on the grass looking at the blue sky and fluffy white clouds. You told me what you thought they looked like, and I was able to see exactly what you did.

When we were bored of this, you asked me if I would like to come inside for some Kool-Aid, which you said you knew how to make very well. You had this calm look of pride on your face. I said okay, even though I had no idea what Kool-Aid was. I just wanted to be around you.

You asked me what flavor I wanted, but I couldn’t choose, so you did. You showed me how to make it, step by step. You were patient in explaining, but enthusiastic in sharing your knowledge. You were pleased to show me something new. You took such special care with this task, the way you do with all tasks. Even then, you were you, and even then, I was enthralled by you.

You then told me it needed to go in the freezer to chill. You offered a photo album while we waited, and we looked through the pages. I saw a photograph of us as we are now. Then another. Then another. I didn’t know it was who we were to become, but I knew they looked familiar, and I told you so.

Your face lit up. You were so beautiful in that moment. But then, your eyes became sad, and you turned away from me. In a small, lost voice, you said,

They’re gods.”

The listener smiled in a way that revealed two front teeth that she had never quite grown into. She said nothing. There was nothing for her to say.


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