Daily Prompts: Week Ending 1/28/2018

1/25/2018 – Trill

She knew exactly why they were calling.

She couldn’t bring herself to answer.

She wasn’t ready to face reality just yet.

Not ever, but especially not alone.

No one was alone. Everyone that should be there, that was willing to be there, was there.

It would have happened whether or not she answered the sound of her phone, and that’s what she realized as she finally reacted through muscle memory and answered the phone.


1/26/2018 – Silhouette

I was nine, in the third grade.
I had friends. I was liked.
I traded pokemon and yu-gi-oh cards with the cute Korean boy in my class (they were confiscated once, and he risked suspension trying to nab them back while our teacher left the room. He dropped them, they spilled everywhere, and then I risked suspension frantically helping him clean them up).
I did well. I finished my homework in class with my friend Thomas. I competed (not in a friendly way) with Kunle to see who could finish their timed tests first.
I sometimes got in trouble. But mostly, I did not.
The gym was dark when we walked into it, except for the light from two overhead projectors. We were instructed to stand “right there on the X” as our teacher and classroom assistant traced the shadows of our heads in profile, blown up onto the wall.
We played a game, once the silhouettes were assembled and pasted to background sheets of paper.
“Who is this?“ Our teacher would ask. The class would shout out their guesses.
Mine was fairly easy to guess. I had long long braids that ended in mirrored beads.
I didn’t like it. I couldn’t tell if I was pretty or not from a profile tracing.
That was third grade.


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