Daily Prompts: Week Ending 1/7/2018

1/1/2018 – Conversation

I always eavesdrop in public. Maybe I should stop, but then I would have missed out on some of the most comical moments in my memory.

I try not to eavesdrop when it comes to people I actually know. I have developed a skill of mentally plugging my ears and getting lost in my thoughts, which is sort of like having a conversation with myself.

I have also developed a bad habit of hearing words with no meaning attached, which means that I do not emotionally react the way that I am supposed to. This might be a useful habit if I worked around volatile populations, but I don’t. I probably never will.

I wonder how something that can start as simply as “Are you busy right now?” can lead to professing love and swearing commitment. I wonder how something that starts as simply as “Thank you” can shatter your entire sense of up and down, right and wrong, day and night.

It’s not just words, meanings attached or not. It’s open-ended possibilities.


1/2/2018 – Reservation

What I meant to say. What I didn’t say. What I’ll never say. What I wished I had said, in that moment.

My mind is so filled with these that I never know what to say, anymore. Or what I want to say. Do I mind the regret of never having done, or the moment after having done?

Both cause an air of stillness, I think. Like you can hear the thoughts, like they pour out of my ears, and you’re just staring at me like I’m an idiot for trying to pretend I don’t hear them. You cock your head to the side for a moment.

No, you can’t hear them. You sigh and walk away.


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