Daily Prompts: Week Ending 12/31/2017

12/29/2017 – Extravagant

Wylie gently spins the small paperweight in his hands, watching it sparkle in the light from the windows along the wall.

He’s very used to nice things. He’s always had them, he likely always will, and always is a very long time for him. They never really get boring, even if they get old. Even the sparkling paperweight transfixes him for a period of time.

A whistle catches his attention as she walks in, simply dressed, head held high. He lazily raises an eyebrow, and she instantly erupts into a sunny smile.

Wylie has always had nice things, but he feels that the real extravagance is nice people.

12/31/2017 – Finally

It’s freezing outside, but partially my fault for wearing a skirt in the first place. It’s not practical for the weather, but it is in other ways, for our purposes.

Luckily the walk to the car is a short one. I knock on the window of the passenger seat, and you gesture for me to go the back. I pull on the handle. Locked.

I wave to get your attention as you fidget with something and don’t notice. I go back to the front, wave frantically, and gesture at the back. I hear the telltale click of a door unlocking. I try the backdoor again. No, you’ve unlocked the front door. I pull on the back door handle again, and you unlock it, finally.

You crawl into the backseat as I giggle at the mess we’ve made. We talk for a bit, adrenaline rushing through my system.

It’s a kiss months in the making. At last.


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