Daily Prompts: Week Ending 12/10/2017

Rather than clog up my blog with up to seven posts a week, I figured that I’ll just add them all to a weekly master post. CHANGES.

12/06/2017 – Saintly

You are infallible.

This is not true, but years of Catholic education has made me love that word, and as I love you, all things I love are attributed to you.

You are infallible.

You say that you love me, and this is the new universal measure of truth. For fun, I hold up statements like “Global warming is a myth” to it, and watch it shatter. Nothing is as real as you.

You are infallible.

So when you tell me who I am, I believe you. For once, I believe that I am good. I believe that I can be good. I want to be good.

A saint is merely an intermediary between a mortal and a god, and you are so much more.

So much more.


12/07/2017 – Gorge

The thing is, I never used that word to describe your anniversary meal.

You did, and how telling that is.

There is nothing wrong with your weight, any rational person would say.

But you crave the company of sick people thinking sick thoughts about their own beauty. You crave the company of people who work hard to develop their talents as you rest on the laurels of accolades given to a young, big fish in a small small pond. You crave the company of happy, well adjusted people.

So you feed into your insecurities to the point that it is all that you are. In your mind, you have become fat and untalented and unlovable. I would have more empathy if, at your ripe age, you just didn’t try to convince everyone else that that was their truth.

Because it sure as fuck isn’t mine.



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