Daily Prompt: Sparkle


Sometimes, things do things they shouldn’t.

Snow, at the right temperature, in the right sunlight, looks like glitter.

He’s not a mischievous little boy. He is sweet, and always laughing. He is well behaved. In person, you note that he gives warm hugs with his stocky little arms.

If vampires disappear in photos, this child only appears in photos, where the reflection of the flash in his eyes always makes them twinkle, no matter the angle, or the ambient lighting, or the photographer.

I study this little boy, now a young man. I decide, listening to him speak, that the twinkle in his eye was always a trick of an outmoded technology; cell phones don’t allow the twinkle to appear, and it isn’t there now, sitting across from him.

The baby that he’s holding is his in a way, but not the way that first comes to mind. The baby has many of the same features as the young man, both physical and not.

I love them, this large young man and this tiny baby. I finish studying them and let out a sudden laugh. It startles them both into confused expressions, and then their faces light up with laughter at the responding guilt on my face.

Sometimes, things do things that they shouldn’t.

Their eyes sparkle.


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