Daily Prompt: Snippet


M: There’s, oh, goddamn it, what’s the word?

D: What’s the word for what?

M: You know, that word! For this crap all over the floor.

D: What’s all over the floor, dear?

M: Just get your lazy ass up off of the couch and come see what’s all over the floor!

D: But the game is on!

M: I have to do everything around here, I swear! It was your son that left this garbage all over the floor!

D: I didn’t notice any garbage on the floor, just his-

M: Well it’s here now! Dozens of these… these… oh whatever they’re called. Will you just call him down here please?

D: I don’t understand why a few newspaper-

M: It’s a mess!

D: It’s just for his-

M: Fine! I’ll call him down.

D: He’s probably exhausted from the-


D: It’s not garbage, just listen for a second!

M: It’s just this paper crap all over the floor!

S: MOM! My snippets! I need those! You crumpled them all up!

M: That’s the word! Snippet.

S: It’s my homework!

M: Don’t leave your homework on the floor, kid.


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