Fiction Friday: Routine

He wonders how people can tolerate routine. Why it is that some can stand it for a lifetime, crave and require it, and others can’t even allow themselves to do the same thing twice. It occurs to him that routine is much like a Grim Reaper of everyday life. Try as you may, you can’t truly outrun it. Opportunity, on the other hand, is elusive. But he supposes you could be too, if you tried.

Maybe what those samesters (same thing day in and day out) are trying to avoid is the disappointment that often comes from refusing to be too indecisive and cowardly to choose a real path for yourself. It takes guts to take chances, instead of letting life push you into any old alley. You go into this coffee shop one day, because you’ve never been there before, and so you’ve never been able to agree with your coworkers about how amazing it is. Order the house specialty of this little haven. Casually flirt with some barista, whose nametag simply reads “Goo”. Greet an elderly couple, and grab two napkins from a gorgeous art-deco dispenser on your way out.

A year later, you still can’t stop thinking about this coffee place, and you decide to swing by there again, just this once. Everything is lovely, because some deliveryman is lost in the streets of Minneapolis and still hasn’t delivered the one ingredient that makes the house specialty different from everything elseon the menu, or everything else on any menu anywhere in the city. You ask the barista, still “Goo”, what she recommends. She recommends you blow this joint with her, she’s quitting this dump and moving to New York.

And, well, you’ve never been to New York before.


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