Musings Episode 4: Pain

Pain, noun.

1. physical suffering or distress, as due to injury, illness, etc

2. a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body

3. mental or emotional suffering or torment, 8/29/2017

Bodies are wondrous things, aren’t they? The ability to differentiate so many sources, so many variations of one end result: danger. We feel pain when something is wrong, when our physical selves are threatened.

Yet, pain from a burn is different from that of a stab, a gunshot. A migraine is not the same as an empty, cramping stomach. Self preservation has a physical sensation.

Even pain by design can be unbearable. We develop medication to assist women who desire it with another avenue to deal with pain. Unbearable pain is unfair pain, but unbearable is subjective. Where a biting of the lip is a light caress to one, it can unpleasantly painful to another. Unbearable because it is unfair.

What is it about a physical object where even when it is incapable of producing a physical wound, it can so easily reopen an emotional one? A memory box can be a joy to some; to remember a time so pleasant, to remember people so cherished. Yet to others, it is a stark reminder of the life that, while penned on yearbook pages, was never realized. It is unfulfilled promises that pull tears as easily as any physical wound.

Sometimes the absence of an object, of a person, can be just as painful as its presence. A distance between lovers is painful on the same spectrum as being in the presence of an unrequited love.

What of pain for a purpose, the purpose of beauty? The dull burn of a tattoo needle, or the sharp, quick pain of a piercing? Is it that the promise of beauty makes the unbearable, bearable? Or is it that putting mind over matter can embolden us through anything?

What about pleasure?


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