My Name Is…

Who am I?

What am I trying to accomplish here?

What do I want from you?

Who am I?
I’m Deesha C Miller, Sheezy to drinking buddies, DC Miller to book covers (someday, but we’ll get to that). I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is the most underrated city in the US, in my humble opinion.
I am a writer. It’s as much a part of my identity as my brown skin, dreadlocks, sexuality, prior life experiences, or nationality. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t moved by the written word. I have always enjoyed the feeling of getting lost in a world for a period of time, of experiencing emotions and relationships that I have not yet had or will never have. I still own the copy of Charlotte’s Web my mother bought me when I was seven. It’s battered to bits for sure, but it doesn’t look half bad for a 16 year old paperback.
What am I trying to accomplish here?
Well, a lot. Let it never be said that I wasn’t ambitious. My plan is for this space to be a beautiful hybrid of art and opinion. Expect opinion pieces on everything from books and current events to music and movies. Most importantly, I will take you on the wild ride that is my creative process. This will include sharing details of upcoming projects (hint, hint) and posting original short stories, because I’m generous like that.
What do I want from you?
Um, don’t be a jerk. Not because it’ll hurt my feelings, but because I’ll have to make fun of you on the internet, and then I’ll look like a jerk, and I don’t want that. Everyone has an opinion, but nothing I post will be purely for shock value, so assume that I used my intelligent, creative mind to come to my own conclusion about whatever, and that fact deserves a base amount of respect.
And support a sistah! Tell your friends I’m doing stuff! Read my things! Show me your things so I can tell my friends and we can all be friends!

Questions? Comments? Marriage proposals?

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